27 April 2005

Welcome to The Way Life Should Be!

It seems redundant and boring to call Maine a beautiful state. Those who have been here already know its beauty. Those who have only heard about Maine are well aware of the legendary scenery. But it is more than just the rugged beauty of the coastline, the ancient forested mountains and the lighthouses, blueberries, moose and lobster. Maine is all that.

Yet more importantly, Maine is a lifestyle. It is relaxed, yet hard-working. Friendly, yet guarded. Gorgeous, yet unforgiving. Simple, yet complex.

The people of Maine are what makes it tick. Mainers are a tough breed who live with the ebb and flow of the seasons and have a strong work ethic. Each season has its work and its recreation, and they take advantage of all it has to offer. Mainers do not take their heritage lightly, nor do they extend it to outsiders. A Mainer is not a true native Mainer unless he is 3rd generation born in Maine. Outsiders are welcome and even loved and trusted; but they never become family.

Mainers love their small towns and do not wish them to grow. They have all the modern conveniences without the traffic and pollution that accompanies them. They might have less malls and a few less sports cars than the big cities and well-populated states, but they know the value of a reliable old pick-up truck and the comfort of having everyone at the local convenience store know you by your first name.

I love Maine. I will never be a Mainer, nor will my children, nor my grandchildren... but there is hope for my great-grandchildren. But I have claimed Maine as my own. I may not belong to it, but it belongs to me and for me, it is the way life should be.

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