25 May 2005

Mr. Blue, Where are You?

It's been raining in Maine, now, for nearly a week. Or has it been longer? All I know is that this is unusual. We have something in Maine known as the mud season - it is the time that usually corresponds to the snow melting and the onset of the spring rains. But that should have ended a month ago. This is really odd.

It has been below 50 degrees for several days on end and the sun is a distant memory. Tonight we started a fire in our wood burning stove, not so much for heat (though we do still need it) but more to dry things out.

I keep thinking about the old ELO song, Mr. Blue Sky. Remember that one? I look out the dripping windows at the soggy yard, puddled streets and drooping trees; I imagine, like in the song, that one of these days the sun will come back out and I'll "run down the avenue and see the sun shine brightly..."

Well, one thing's for sure, everything is VERY green!

Copyright © 2005 - Paulla Estes


Anonymous said...

Does the rain in Maine stay mainly in the plains? Are there plains in Maine?

Paulla said...

LOL ~ mostly forests here ~ and this time, the rain has been everywhere. :)