05 May 2005

Springtime in Maine

Springtime blooms late in the Pine Tree State. In late March when all the stores are receiving their spring and summer stock of clothing, Mainers are still dressed in snow boots and winter parkas.

At Easter, when many children in more southerly climates are dressed in springtime finery and merrily hunt their colored eggs among dandelions and wildflowers, Maine children are shuffling through a late spring snow or enjoying their egg-hunt indoors with popcorn and hot cocoa.

When much of America is planting its gardens in early May, Mainers are nurturing seedlings in tiny pots on their sunny windowsills, and counting the days until Memorial Day, when the frost warning is lifted.

Today, springtime has arrived in Maine. The forsythias are blooming, daffodils and tulips have popped out all over town, and the robins and chipmunks are everywhere. The temperature is a balmy 60 degrees with a bit of a biting breeze, but we are outside enjoying the sunshine. We imagine that tomorrow the temperature might reach the upper 60s. We imagine that the tomatoes will be planted early this year.

We also know it could still snow once more… but we don’t mind because this is the way life should be.

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