09 May 2005

There were these trappers...

Recently my husband traveled with some business associates from Maine to the University of Michigan for training in his field of work.

He shared with me that at lunch one day, one of the seminar leaders, a woman, was chatting with them and they were discussing much of the business they do here in Maine. The woman was extremely interested in what they had to say, and she finally asked them, point blank,

"How do you hear about these things up in Maine?" To which, my husband retorted,

"Well, a year or so ago, there were these trappers that came through and passed on the information..."

We got a good laugh from that. The truth is, those unfamiliar with Maine do often think of it as remote, wild and primitive. But we don't mind. We know the truth about Maine.

It is remote. There aren't very many people here, and we like it that way. Tourists who come to visit Maine in the summertime are frightened by the rumors about our winters.

It is wild. We have bald eagles nesting all along the river that runs through the town where we live. Foxes and deer are common sights, and even moose are sometimes seen near the coast.

Primitive? I'll never tell. All I'll say is, it's the way life should be. :)

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