09 June 2005

Finding the Horizon

I grew up in the west, in the land of wide open spaces and horizons. For anyone who has lived in sight of the horizon, you know who you are and you know the importance a horizon can hold. When I moved to Maine, though I fell in love with the beauty and serenity of the state, I missed seeing the horizon. Instead of looking out my window to see plains or mountains, I looked out to a wall of tall pines and birch trees.

After a few months in Maine, I went searching for a horizon. I found it at the top of Bradbury Mountain in Freeport. I found it again when we climbed Mount Megunticook near Camden. But my favorite place to see the horizon is at the end of Bailey Island.

There is a meandering road that goes south from Brunswick; it crosses three bridges, and spans the length of two islands before arriving at the Cribstone Bridge which gives entrance to Bailey Island. Although there are many reasons to visit Bailey Island, I always keep driving right to the end of the land where there is a gift shop appropriately named, "Land's End."

The shop is delightful, but the view is even better. A few scattered islands with lighthouses are the only obstacles to seeing the perfect horizon on the Atlantic. There is a small beach at Land's End and rocks on which to sit. Summer or winter, I go there to soak in the view of the horizon. Afterward, I drive back through the winding roads to the forest that is now my home and somehow, when I look through the window at the swaying trees, I don't miss the horizon so much anymore.

Copyright © 2005 - Paulla Estes


bonnie cousins said...

Hello Paula,
I have been reading and enjoying your posts on living in Maine. I am a sw PA lady who longs for the coast of Maine all year long. Had to reply to your Bailey Island post. My husband and I have vacationed on Bailey and also in Harpswell, and love spending time just sitting at Lands End for hours! The view there is one that just takes your breath away. For anyone who just needs some time to recharge the soul-Lands End is a great place to do it! Keep posting about life in Maine-keeps me a bit in touch between short vacations there twice a year!

Paula said...


Love your article about Land's End in Bailey Island. My Aunt and Uncle lived in South Harpswell and we used to go visit them. They, now, have passed on but we still go there occasionally to visit. It is very peaceful there.

Dundalk MD

Paulla said...

I'm so glad to find fellow-island-lovers! :) I haven't been down to Land's End in a few months now; I do believe it's time for a bit of a road trip.
Thanks for writing!
~ Paulla

anti snore said...

I have been reading and enjoying your posts on living in Maine.The view there is one that just takes your breath away.It is very peaceful there.