22 June 2005

More car trouble - more kind Mainers

Yesterday we had more car trouble. We were out in the woods at the edge of a tiny town on the bay, and the battery died. We were literally, out in the middle of nowhere. We found a few people around but nobody had jumper cables, so once again, we called AAA - we've really gotten our money's worth with them this year! I gave very specific directions to the dispatcher but I was sure the driver wouldn't be able to find us. We were in a remote location on a dirt path off the main road. We could see the main road from where we were, but the trees were so thick, I didn't think the truck would see us.

We were told we'd have to wait about an hour, but we settled in for a longer wait considering the circumstances and the non-emergency nature of our need. The sky was blue and the sun was trickling through the thick pines. It was actually a very pleasant day to be stuck in the woods.

Only 20 minutes into our wait, the big tow truck arrived to give us a jump start. The driver was a grizzled old Mainer with a harsh sounding voice but a heart of gold. He was huge and potentially scary looking, but incredibly kind and friendly. If I'd been afraid of wild animals before, I wasn't with him there. He offered a few kind words, got our car started right up and then chugged his truck back out onto the main road.

I love Mainers. I'll never be one - not officially anyway - but I love them and I want to be one. They are so good; salt of the earth, doing good deeds kind of good. I wish everyone could know this kind of life - the way life should be.

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