14 June 2005

Pond Swimming in Maine

Now that summer is here and the weather is trying to make up its mind to stay warm, many Mainers are looking to head to the beach or any form of water to cool off, catch some rays and maybe even swim a few laps. Yet visitors will find that Maine, unlike most states, isn't big on public swimming pools. Instead, visitors to Maine will enjoy going to the local pond for a swim.

Ponds all over Maine are either kept in their natural state so the happy swimmers just jump right in with the fish and turtles, while other ponds have been converted into public swimming areas. One such pond in Brunswick, Maine, Coffin Pond, is a favorite of local Maine children.

Coffin Pond has been set apart from the natural water source and is chlorinated. Though you won't find any fish in the pond, it has a sandy bottom, a small beach, and a snack shack at the far end. But the best attraction, by far, is a two-story water slide where frolicking visitors climb the set of stairs from the beach and then slide merrily back into the cool water of the pond. The pond is staffed by conscientious life guards and has a scenic playground nearby.

If you're visiting Maine this summer or you live within driving distance of Brunswick, take a day and relax at Coffin Pond. Surprisingly, it's right in town, but with woods all around, it feels like it's in a remote woodland location. Enjoy swimming Maine-style and take a spin on the water slide while you're at it!

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