31 July 2005

Only in Maine...

There is a common saying around the Pine Tree State - "only in Maine..." Locals know what it means and visitors and tourists aren't long in being let in on the secret. There is no one thing to which this saying applies; it could be the fact that so many Mainers have above-ground pools, even though the summer season is quite short. It could be the fact that Mainers say certain things that only they understand: "ayah" "wicked" and "yep" to name a few. Perhaps the "only in Maine" saying comes from the fact that when Mainers accidentally hit a deer with their car, they take it home and eat it. It might even be the way they seem standoffish, yet they will give their neighbors (and tourists and strangers) the shirts off their backs to help someone in need.

Mainers are delightful people who love their fair state and though we mutter about the traffic during tourist season, we genuinely love our out-of-town guests. Recently a column by the Portland Press Herald's Bill Nemitz exemplified, in my mind, the phrase, "only in Maine." Not jsut because he happened to give that name to the column, but because the story he tells shows the true heart of the Maine people and the funny things that happen during tourist season. Here is Bill Nemitz' column for your enjoyment:

Even dead, this moose refuses to go quietly


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Jan said...

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