01 October 2005

Maine Fall Foliage

Ok, I have to talk about the outdoors again.

In our area of Maine near the coast, the leaves have only begun to change. Last night was our coolest night yet at 38 degrees and the green leaves have begun to fade. All around the area, maples are popping up in bright crimson, peach and gold, shocking the senses as they peek through the still primarily faded green landscape.

This is my favorite time of year. The skies are usually blue, the air crisp, and Mainers have a spring in their step. Soccer season has begun and Saturday mornings find the town buzzing with excitement as families descend on the local fields to cheer on their children. Yard sales are everywhere as people try to get their basements, sheds and garages cleaned out for winter - while others are looking for a great deal.

Autumn in Maine puts Mainers on the move, much like the busy squirrels and chipmunks hunting obsessively for acorns to pack their winter store. We know the snows will be here soon. We know the first freeze is just around the corner. We take the snow shovels out of the shed and put away the lawn furniture. We do last minute repairs on the exterior of the house. We cheerfully put away the lawn mower!

In autumn, we work hard and watch with a smile as the foliage begins to appear and the days couldn't be more beautiful. We know this crisp, cool, colorful time in Maine is fleeting. In some ways winter seems a long way off, but on these cold mornings, it seems to be lurking just around the next bend. Until then, though, we enjoy our autumns. They are most definitely the way life should be. :)

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