30 November 2005

The Christmas Season in Maine

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There is something about the Christmas season in Maine that simply warms the heart. The church bells seem louder and more confident, the otherwise unnoticed pines and evergreens are now adorned with tiny lights, and in spite of the cold weather, Mainers seem to have a spring in their step.

Recently, as we all know, the day after Thanksgiving ushered in the busiest shopping day of the year. Many of us braved the crowds, while many more of us were horrified by the pictures we saw on TV and in the newspaper the next day of people in stores fighting and running over one another.

We didn't venture out with the die-hard shoppers and bargain hunters, but I spoke with many people who did. Apparently, the stores were quite crowded, but Maine didn't seem to face the problems that plagued the more populated areas. People rushed and searched for bargains, but they were polite and nice.

We finally crept uneasily into the Wal Mart in Portland that Saturday, and while it was still crowded, people were cheerful, helpful to one another, and not at all pushy.

Am I living in a dream world? Is Maine as wonderful as I keep telling myself it is? The truth is, there isn't a day that goes by in which I don't say, "I can't believe I live here," or "Don't you just love it here?"

Then again, it makes sense when you think about it - after all, it's the way life should be. :)

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charmaine. said...

Im from s'pore, which is in asia, I've been looking for info on Maine since I read about the place in a book when I was very young. Im truly glad to have found this place and will definitely be dropping by again soon! =)

Anonymous said...

I will be moving with my husband, 5 cats and a houseful of junk to Maine in a few months, from Arizona! I am a native NY-er (hubby too) and we are ready to leave the sunshine state (and the crowds, bad air and 100+degree summers,) Happy to have found this site.