14 February 2006

Never Enough

If you're from anywhere in the Northeast, or if you're not, but you were paying attention, you know that quite a major snowstorm roared up the East Coast and through New England this last weekend. New York broke all sorts of snow records, and people were digging out from Washington, D.C. to north of Boston.

That's how Maine is referred to on the National News - "north of Boston," or "Boston and points north." We don't mind.

However, my husband says that we got jipped during this last storm. He is a snow-lover, having spent his college years in Rochester, New York, complete with weeks and weeks of lake-effect snow each winter. Here in Maine, if we get less than 10 inches of snow in one storm, he says it's not enough.

What's worse, according to my snow-connoisseur, is that areas SOUTH of us got more snow. There simply has to be something geographically and meteorologically wrong with that.

In this last storm, the Maine coast was forecasted to get 8-14 inches. Then it was downgraded to 6-10 inches. In the end, we did have about 6 inches accumulate, and as my husband said, "we got jipped."

Still, according to the groundhog, we still have a few weeks of winter left, so there's time.

As for me, don't tell my husband this, but I thought 6-inches of snow was just enough. It made everything pretty, but didn't cause too many headaches. Besides, it's the middle of February. At this time of the year, most Mainers are a little winter-weary and we're beginning to have fantansies about an early Spring. Like I said, only a few more weeks...

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