28 March 2006

Spring Tease!

When we first moved to Maine, our friendly real estate agent told us that sometime in March each year, there would be a bout of fine, warm, sunny weather; but she told us not to be fooled. She said that we shouldn't believe it's spring until the forsythias bloom.

Is this week one of those weeks? Yesterday and today have been simply heavenly. With temperatures in the mid 50s, abundant sunshine, and blue skies, I'd like to think spring is here. No, there is no evidence of activity on our resident forsythia bush, but it looks as though it's thinking about it.

We took advantage of the sunshine today and began our annual spring clean up of the yard. We bagged leaves and yard debris that we missed in the fall, or that found its way into our yard over the winter. With countless oak trees on the lawn, and woodlands surrounding our home, we have our fair share of debris.

Although we found ourselves a bit winded by the raking, the fresh air and sunshine was therapeutic, as was the talk about what to plant, where to set up the trampoline, and all the outdoor barbecues we'll soon be having.

So maybe this is just a tease. Warm temps are in the forecast for the remainder of the week. Maybe we'll have more snow, and we're sure to have more cold weather - after all, the almanac warns us not to plant anything until Memorial Day, because of the frost danger. Still, we Mainers have learned to take advantage of the sunshine. We'll get out there while we can, and when the cold returns, as it surely will, we'll hunker down and wait for the real thing.

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Anonymous said...

I will be moving to the East Coast from Arizona soon! I can hardly wait to visit Maine!

Anonymous said...

I moved here from Arizona too! :) Five years ago in fact. My husband is from here, so we decided to move back here when the doctors recommended that he get out of the smog of the valley. There isn't a more beautiful place to be in my opinion.

Anonymous said...

So I was right! people do move from AZ to a colder climate. People I have told that to insist that no one ever leaves here (yikes!) I have a problem with the smog here and so does my husband and we miss the 4 seasons, streets that arent all superhighways and stores that you dont always need a scooter to get through. (not many farm stands here!)Cant wait to write here after I move. Take care.