29 August 2006

Remembering PFC Andrew Small

I’ve been following the story about PFC Andrew Small , the 19-year-old soldier from Wiscasset who died nearly three weeks ago in Afghanistan. This story, like all the others about our young service men and women who have lost their lives serving their country, is tragic and sad. Here in Maine, when one of our own is lost, it is like losing a family member.

My own son is 19-years-old, and ironically, also named Andrew. He’s thought seriously about the military, but decided instead to go to college first. His heart is with the young soldiers in Iraq, Afghanistan, and elsewhere, and I know he imagines that he could be one of them – one of the brave, one of the proud… and one of the fallen.

When driving up Coastal Route One last week, we noticed a sign at a local diner, giving homage to PFC Small. It’s the least we can do. He was a brave young man, yet only a boy. And he was one of ours. We will miss him terribly.

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