08 August 2006


Two days ago I was privileged to take one of my favorite drives down Coastal Route One between Newcastle and Bath. It was about 7:00 p.m. and after an off and on hazy day, the sun was beginning to sink into the cloudy horizon.

As I coasted along the winding road, drinking in the always-spectacular scenery, the small towns along the way seemed more inviting than ever. The sun and the surrounding pink clouds were slightly to the right of the roadway, and each time I passed a body of water (which is often along that route), the entire reflection was pink, as well.

Driving across the long, flat bridge into Wiscasset was what postcards are made of, what with the small town skyline in the background and the shimmering pink/gold water in the foreground. The stretch between Wiscasset and Woolwich - always a treat - was cozy and quaint.

And as always, ascending and then reaching the summit of the Bath bridge took my breath away. The sky was completely pink by this time, with the sun virtually hiding in the background; the river water was pink, the church steeples were pink... the entire town was pink. I found myself, alone in the car, exclaiming outloud.

I marveled, as I drove, wondering as I so often do, if my fellow drivers were noticing what I was seeing. Were they, in their rush to get home or to arrive at their destination glancing up off the road to see the beauty of our fair state? I certainly hope so.

Copyright © 2006 - Paulla Estes

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