14 September 2006

Maine's Upcoming Foliage Show

My good friend Leanne lives in California, and like me, runs a website for her home state called All Info About California. We often enjoy comparing notes about our very different homes; sometimes it feels as though we live in different countries rather than states, what with the differences in weather, climate, lifestyle, pace, and even time on the clock.

This morning Leanne sent me an article on the upcoming fall foliage for which New England is famous. You can view the article HERE. The good news is that it seems our upcoming fall foliage show is going to be a doozy here in Maine.

According to Maine's official Fall Foliage Website, color is just officially beginning in the northern parts of the state, while along the coast, it is still only sporadic at best. I live only a few miles from the coast and I've seen a few leaves changing here and there; especially the maples right in town.

Now is definitely the time to visit Maine, or to enjoy an outdoor excursion if you're a local. Visit All Info About Maine Foliage for a bunch of ideas about fun things to do, places to go, and things to see.

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Webwitch said...

I love reading your entries, and I have been reading them for a while, starting when I lived in Phoenix. Your vivid account of Maine life and your personal feelings on the state were taken into consideration when I decided to move here.
My husband and I were very unhappy in Phoenix, for 12 years! We had "everything". A nice 4 bedroom house, two cars, jobs, easy to drive roads with streetlights at night (!) and 7-11's on every corner. We were still miserable with the pace of things, the very high temps and the unreal amounts of crime. (think "Baseline Killer" and "Serial Shooters".) We decided to our friends dismay to "throw it all away" and move to a tiny town and into a 3 bedroom mobile home in the midde of a forest in Maine.
We have not experienced a winter here, but we lived in upstate NY for 20 years before moving west so we think we MIGHT be able to handle the winters out here. We have wonderful neighbors who have already cut our enormous lawn for us, given us directions to everywhere, even given us fresh home grown salad fixings from their gardens.The most generous people we have ever known are here in Maine. THANK YOU for welcoming us.

Paulla said...

Well, welcome to Maine and thanks so much for your encouraging words! You know, when I moved here 8 years ago, I was terrified of the winters (even though I'd grown up in the mountains of Colorado) but they aren't that bad, especially if you've lived in upstate NY. The road crews are amazing and seem to clear the snow off the roads before it has a chance to settle.

I'm so glad you like it and I know you'll love it more, the longer you're here. Take care and let me know if there's ever anything you need! :)