11 September 2006

Remembering September 11

On September 11, 2001, when we turned on our televisions and watched in horror as the World Trade Center Fell, as the Pentagon burned from a gaping hole in its side, and as a plane went down in Pennsylvania, we in Maine did not know the extent of what was going on. In our tiny, quiet towns, we wondered if the planes were going to come our way, if our water supply was safe, and if there were bombs in the schools.

Like everyone across the country that fateful morning, we in Maine suffered with all our fellow Americans. Most of us either lost someone in the attacks, or knew others who lost someone. Many of us turned to God during our time of fear and pain. We all put small American flags on the bumpers and antennae of our cars, we prayed together, and we were glued to the television, watching all the horror, the speculation, the updates, and the horror again... and again.

Today, five years later, in many ways, the country has moved on. The seasons still come and go, tourists visit Maine each year, traffic gets snarled, houses are built, new babies are born, and school starts on schedule every fall. Some of us still go to church, but many of us no longer feel the need. Yet, we all lost loved ones in the attacks, whether or not we knew them. We all lost fellow Americans - fellow mothers and fathers, fellow school children, fellow workers, and fellow heroes.

Today my prayer is that Americans, and the world, take pause to remember the lives lost that fateful day, and the God who gave us comfort in our time of need. September 11, 2001 brought us together as a nation, it changed our world forever, and we must not forget.

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