01 September 2006

Stephen King would be Proud

Perhaps many of you have been keeping tabs on the story about the "mystery beast" found dead near Turner, Maine, just north of Lewiston.

Apparently, for more than a decade, Androscoggin County residents have reported seeing and hearing a mysterious animal that screams in the night, frightens people with its glowing eyes, and attacks and kills pets. This mystery beast has been blamed for the death of a Doberman and a Rottweiler in recent years.

Many theories, both rational and outlandish, have been formed to try to explain the beast. From the possibility of a mixed-breed dog, a hyena, or a Tasmanian devil, to it being half cat and half dog, or even half rodent and half dog. Whatever it was, Mainers were freaked out, to say the least.

Then, in mid August, an unusual animal was found dead near some power lines along Route 4, apparently having been hit by a car. The beast that was found had a bushy tail, short ears and a short snout, blue eyes, fangs that hung out over its lips, and it weighed about 50 pounds. Residents and town officials were quite certain that this might be the mystery beast.

Now, DNA tests have proven that the animal found in Turner was, indeed, a canine. Feel free to read all about it at MaineToday.com.

Still, I have to say, I'm disappointed. I sort of like the idea of a mystery beast. Maine is known for being the setting for so many of Stephen King’s chilling tales, and this critter that was found on the roadside might not be what’s been wreaking havoc all these years.

Maybe the real beast is still out there… somewhere… Don't we owe it to Stephen King to at least keep it open as a possibility?

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