21 December 2006

Blue Christmas

We're just days away from Christmas now, and all over Maine, one will find twinkling lights, greenery draped decoratively over doorways and fence posts, and Christmas decorations galore. Yet not everyone is in a celebratory mood.

Many Mainers, and people all around the country find that the Christmas season can be a painful time, if they have experienced grief or loss. For those who have lost loved ones, gone through a divorce, experienced a job loss, had health problems, or had some other type of pain, Christmas might conjure up feelings that are nowhere near the Norman Rockwell type holiday that the media and advertisers pummel us with from Thanksgiving through New Year's Day.

For those who are feeling blue this Christmas and have little desire to sing the carols or attend the parties, Blue Christmas services can be found all around the state of Maine.

And with this being the shortest day of the year, many of us find that we suffer from Winter Blues. While the days will begin to get progressively longer after today, the darkness will still be with us for some time, in addition to the weather becoming colder and colder. If you or your loved ones suffer from Seasonal Affective Disorder, discover the book, Winter Blues which will teach you how best to deal with it.

During this time of sometimes-difficult holidays, darkness and cold, Maine can feel like a depressing place to many of our neighbors. As you celebrate the holidays with your family and friends, remember to reach out to those who are hurting and show them with the Christmas spirit is all about.

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