18 December 2006

Reprieve from the Cold

I always find that not long after Halloween and the switch back from Daylight Savings Time, I sort of go into hibernation mode. Even with the onset of the holidays, I find that with the shortened days, sudden cold and darkness, my creativity juices seem to flow much more slowly. Although I still have to work, all I really want to do from November to about the end of March is curl up with a stack of good books and a cup of hot cocoa, and have someone notify me when winter is over.

But this year is different. While the darkness has been unavoidable, the cold has been minimal. We have only used our wood stove a couple of times so far this year, which is much less than normal. Just this past week, we've had temperatures in the 50s and we've turned off our heat altogether.

It might not feel much like the Christmas season, but it is much easier to hang Christmas lights on the house while wearing a sweater and no gloves, rather than being bundled up like an arctic explorer. And it does still get down close to freezing at night, so hot cocoa is still a very viable option. :)

The cold will be here soon enough. Until then, I think I'll go out for a walk!

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Anonymous said...

I am considering a move to Maine from Missouri to teach in one of the regional U of Maine Universities (central or northern site). Weather is a concern although we have long hot summers (humid, 100 degrees, ugh)but not long winters (although this winter has been unusually cold and lots of snow and ice). What can you tell me about Maine that would "seal the deal" and assist me in making this decision? My son lives is Boston and I have other relatives out East so changing regions is not a problem for me.