24 February 2007

Ice Skating in Maine

A month ago at this time, we pretty much figured there wouldn't be any outdoor ice-skating this winter. The ponds were still unfrozen and the local parks and outdoor rinks didn't even have slush, let alone ice.

But now, there is ice skating to be found all over Maine. Last night, in spite of temps in the teens and a wind chill below zero, we took our teenagers and some of their friends to a local park that is flooded and plowed each winter.

While my husband and I sat in the car sipping on Caramel Apple Cider from Starbucks, we watched while the kids frolicked on the ice under the evening lights. The brisk weather kept them moving and there were many laughs - inside the car, and out.

When they were nearly numb from the cold, we piled everyone back into the car and went back to our house for hot cocoa and popcorn. Ahhh ~ cold Friday nights in the wintertime can be so cozy and fun! After all, it IS the way life should be. :)

For a list of outdoor rinks in the southern half of Maine, CLICK HERE.

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