05 February 2007

Winter Getaway at Moosehead Lake

We just returned from a long weekend in a cabin near Moosehead Lake. We'd been promising ourselves we'd teach our daughters to ski, but never seemed to get around to it. So, Friday morning, we packed up and headed to a cabin on the banks of the Moose River, near Rockwood, Maine.

Understand that we hadn't had a vacation in a while and we were worn a bit thin with work, winter household issues, and the basic rollercoaster ride of busy-ness with three teenagers at home. Basketball games (and practices), carpooling, having friends over, talking on the phone, making a mess, and all those other typical teen issues had taken over our lives and we just wanted to stop and get off the ride for a couple of days.

We had a GREAT weekend, though it didn’t go quite as planned. The cabin was better and prettier than the pictures on the internet had shown. It was so cozy and much warmer than our house.

We got up Saturday morning to go skiing at nearby Big Squaw Mountain Resort, but it was only 18 degrees outside (not a big deal) with 20-30 mph winds (a VERY big deal). Since our two younger daughters had never been skiing and we didn’t want them to hate it before it began, we bagged our plan and huddled up in front of the fire and the satellite TV - something we don't have at home. We promised ourselves we'd ski the next day.

While the wind howled outside our cabin, we alternately scrolled through and watched countless channels on the television. We were a family obsessed with technology; and we were out in the middle of nowhere. The irony was laughable.

On Sunday, the weather was colder and windier, so we stayed in again. There was a Monk marathon on USA, so we literally sat and watched 12 hours of Monk. I kid you not. There were breaks to eat, nap, go to the corner store for snacks, and I even took a frigid walk to the end of the road. Oddly enough, though this cabin had a gazillion channels, it didn’t get the regular networks – how weird is that? So we missed the Superbowl. We are avid football fans and it was the first time I'd missed a Superbowl - ever. But we were so cozy, we didn’t even care.

This morning I awakened early and had the privilege of glimpsing two deer outside the kitchen window. They were walking casually along the side of the cabin, and they seemed completely unconcerned with the brutal winds that blew their furry coats. It was still early, but if there had been more light, I'd have taken a photograph as they walked past the large, round thermometer on a tree outside the window. It registered a frigid - 4.

We soon were on our way, marveling as we drove around Moosehead Lake; the winds whipped across the ice and the islands, making a stark, arctic-looking landscape. The photo above shows the view from our car - we were too cold to get out!

We didn't get to ski, but we paid a pretty penny for three days of satellite TV in the North Woods of Maine.

Ah, the way life should be. :)

Copyright © 2007 - Paulla Estes


Leanne Phillips said...

LOL, I love it! I love the pics, Paulla, and you made me feel as if I was there. Frankly, it sounds like a dream vacation to me. :)

Paulla said...

Hi Leanne ~ thanks! Actually, it was a dream vacation. Although I love to ski and do other things, life is just so active and busy right now that lying on the couch in front of the TV for 3 days is heaven! :)

We just won't be forking out any money to go to Paris or some such place anytime soon. Can you imagine it - flying to Europe and then holing up in a hotel room for a week? LOL. Nope, a cabin in Maine is perfect for that.