16 March 2007

I thought Spring was here...

Ok, I'm getting a bit tired of this weather that's such a tease. Yeah, I know its still winter for another week, but this winter HAS been a weird one. Plus, when the temps shot up into the 50s here in Maine and the snow started melting a LOT this week, I made the mistake of succombing to Spring Fever. I actually started thinking about gardening and I looked longingly at the green grass that was peeking out from under the melting snow.

My kids and I chuckled yesterday as we drove past the local skating pond and saw that it was closed and half-melted. We cheered when we saw indications that the local seasonal ice cream shops were preparing to open. Its odd because we really do love winter, and we really did have a mild, short winter this year.

Maybe it was that winter didn't really show up until January was over. By that time, we all sort of thought we were off the hook and wouldn't have to dig out our driveways this year. When we finally did have to break out the snow shovels and feed our wood-burning stoves, many of us grumbled. (Not me, of course!)

Next year, someone please remind me that I live in Maine, not California, and that THIS is what winter is in Maine.

And as for this St. Patrick's Day storm that's forecasted for tomorrow? Well, like I said, techically, it IS still winter for about another week.

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