16 March 2007

Ok, one more today...

These are my son's size 13 boot prints that walked into our house only about 40 minutes ago, and they're already getting covered. The snow flakes are tiny and sharp and they make me think of something my husband often says, "Big flakes, little snow. Little flakes, big snow." I'm not sure if that's ALWAYS the case, but it seems to be the norm. Tonight the flakes are small, but they're plentiful.

And I've realized something about myself this winter. Snowstorms always inspire me to do two things: to cook and to write. I've spent much of the day writing, so this afternoon, after my lengthy supermarket run, I came home and decided to do something in honor of St. Patrick's Day tomorrow. I wanted to make something green or Irish, and I'd already made the mistake of trying to do green eggs and ham several years ago when my kids were young. It was pretty disgusting because I used too much green food coloring. Everything was soppy, wet, and green.

So today, I ventured over to my friend Barb's site, My Sister's Kitchen because I knew she'd have something tasty to share. Sure enough, I found Irish Soda Bread, something I've never made before. I followed Barb's instructions to the letter, and it turned out heavenly!

By the time the bread came out of the oven, it was time to cook dinner. I pondered over my recipes for Irish Stew and Corned Beef and Cabbage, but in the end, I made one of our family favorites - Tequila Lime Chicken with Mexican Rice and Beans. No, not very Irish, but hey, I've spent so much time in the Southwest that Mexican recipes are quite familiar to me.

Maybe tomorrow I'll post that Tequila Lime recipe. After all, with all this snow, I'll need something to write about and I'll still be cooking...

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Leanne Phillips said...

Sounds yummy! Can I come over for leftovers? :)