16 March 2007

The Snow Rush

Buy at Art.comThis afternoon, I had to run to the supermarket to pick up some medicine for my daughter, and a few other things. It hadn't occured to me that not only was it Friday, which is payday for many people around here, but that we also have a big winter storm bearing down on us. Those two variables make for a busy and crowded supermarket experience, even in small-town Maine.

I navigated through the frantic shoppers, most of whom had small children who were tired from a long day at school. I found what I needed and then found that the express check-out lane was a mile long. I got in one of the regular lines and picked up a copy of the Gardening Farmer's Almanac to pass the time. When I looked up again and spotted the clock on the wall, 15 minutes had passed and my line had barely moved. The lines were growing longer, the children louder, and people were beginning to complain.

Finally, my turn was up and I was out in a flash, with my 5 items, amidst all the huge baskets loaded with goods that would get people through the next 12 hours of the storm.

And then I walked outside to find that the snow had, indeed, begun. Regardless of what I wrote earlier about being ready for Spring, nothing can soothe my soul like the sight of a snowfall that makes the cars and the people quieter, and covers up all the mud and muck from this week's big melt. Maybe we do need one more week of winter...

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Leanne Phillips said...

What a great story! It was so hot here last week that I got a pedicure and busted out my shorts and sandals. But don't fret, it's now gray and foggy and we're now freezing our butts off here, too ... relatively speaking. :)

Paulla said...

Ok, do I even want to know what the definition of "freezing butts off" on the coast of California? LOL ~ I'm so envious, Leanne ~ send some sunshine my way! :)