16 May 2007

Coreen Wiese will be Remembered

My heart goes out to the family and friends of Coreen Wiese. Coreen disappeared November 8 of last year and her body was found in the Saco river this past Friday.

With two daughters nearly the same age as Coreen, I have been following her story closely, praying for her safe return, agonizing for her family, and shuddering at what they must be going through.

Please remember Coreen's family and friends in your prayers.

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04 May 2007

Only in Maine - Sanjaya & a Limo

Well, we went for a little drive this evening and I just had to share two things that we saw...

A Very Patriotic Limo in the Best Buy Parking Lot

Sanjaya from American Idol

Ok, so maybe it isn't REALLY Sanjaya. In fact, I'm almost positive it isn't. But I was sitting in the car while my husband went into the convenience store (that's my husband in front of Sanjaya) and when I saw the hair, I had to snap a pic. Who knows? With Sanjaya, anything is possible. :)

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02 May 2007

Oh, and this was nice to see, too...

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What a Difference a Month Makes

I love doing before and after photos. Here's what things were looking like at our house a month ago...

The House

The Hubby

And here are things now... Ahhh....!

The House

The Shed

The Forsythia Bush

... and we all know that a blooming forsythia in Maine is a fool-proof sign that spring has finally arrived.

Before we know it, those trees will be green and the front of the house wrapped in shade. Today my kids and I spent much of the day working in the yard, cleaning up the woodpile, raking leaves, and enjoying the sunshine and lack of bugs. I love this time of year.

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