27 June 2007

Another Beach Day

Yesterday we, like everyone else in Maine, heard the ominous weather forecast of temperatures in the 90s, high humidity, and lousy air quality. We figured we'd beat the heat (or at least try to enjoy it) by spending a day at Popham Beach.

When we got there around noon, it seemed that everyone else in Maine had the same idea we had, and we waited in a long line to enter the parking lot.

But weren't we surprised when we got out of the car, expecting the same warm temperatures we'd felt back at home, and it was quite chilly. The temperature had to be in the 60s, at best, and the wind was fierce. I seriously considered turning around and going home immediately; but the kids talked me into walking on out to the beach (with all our stuff for the day) and giving it a bit of time.

I watched while my kids and their friends frolicked on the cold beach with all the other kids, while the adults sat huddled ridiculously on our blankets, wishing we'd all brought sweatshirts.

It was a bleak site, looking out toward the island as the tide slowly went out. The clouds seemed to be there to stay...

Yet, after about a half hour of shivering and promising myself we'd leave as soon as I caught site of the kids again, the sun suddenly popped out of the clouds and the entire beach crowd gave a collective sigh of relief. Ahhhhhhh...

The sky quickly cleared of all clouds and soon our earlier feelings of being cold were a distant memory. The sunshine and heat had arrived!

As did the cute little waves... but don't be deceived. The water was a frigid 58 degrees, at best.

We stayed most of the day and came back sunburnt and smiling. The next two photos pretty much sum up how we felt about our day - and Maine, in general. :)

Copyright © 2007 - Paulla Estes


kristen said...

What a joy to see pictures of Maine again. I know it hasn't been that long but I get a little tear in my eye seeing Popham and missing it so much.

Thank you for sharing your day!

Cindy said...

Hi Paulla- glad your day turned out nice afterall! What's the name of that island?

Paulla said...

Hi Cindy.

You know, I'm not sure. I know Seguin is the one beyond this small island. It's the one with the lighthouse. But this little one - I think of it more as just an extension of the coast (especially when the tide is out!)


Paulla said...

Hi Kristen ~ come back to Maine!

Miss you. :(