27 June 2007

Signs of Summer

Queen Anne's Lace

Fresh Strawberries

High Temps - (too high, in my opinion!)

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ambercolumbia said...

hello sweat peas, the first image is not of queen ann's lace...i'll try to find the name of this very invasive plant when i'm back in maine tomorrow night. Queen Ann's Lace comes out later and has a CARROT family foliage as well as carrot related roots.

i love your blogs almost as much as i love maine.

ambercolumbia said...

ps i'm a "mySpace" friend...also have a blog here....

Paulla said...

Well that ought to show you just how much garden wisdom I have - very little! I'm learning...

So, is it Daucus? I did a bit of research and that seems to be the consensus. Actually, it DID seem early for Queen Anne's Lace. Duh.