24 June 2007


Ok, we did toads, now we're on to turtles. Like I said once before, it was a long winter and I'm finding myself unusually fascinated with summery things.

These were taken on a fishing trip today on one of the Belgrade Lakes. I hope you got out to enjoy the day - it was spectacular. A bit windy on the lake, but dry, sunny, and warm. Ah,... summer. :)

There were several huge, prehistoric-looking snapping turtles...

And a couple of their less-intimidating cousins...


Copyright © 2007 - Paulla Estes


Denine said...

I know about your long winters, and I laugh when you said something about your "warm summer." I live in Virginia, and it's HOT here, not warm, and my brother was just visiting from Brunswick, and he always tells people that Maine has 3 days of summer... it makes us down here laugh. I love coming to Maine in August, usually at the tailend, before school starts. If I am lucky, I might get one of those 3 days during my visit! Your pictures are beautiful, as is everything that I have ever seen in Maine, and believe me, I've been coming there from Virginia for a very long time!
Enjoy those "warm" days!!!! Thanks for your wonderful pictures and the great site!

Cindy said...

Those big brutes are in a lake? We have snappers around here, in the swamps, but not that big, thank goodness. I much prefer the smaller cousins- rescue a few of them each year from the roads and put them in our little pond down back.