02 July 2007


Ok,I've mentioned here BEFORE that I've found a wonderful blog at GARDENPATH. While I've always enjoyed taking photos of the beauty around me here in Maine, Sandy at GARDENPATH has inspired me.

Her photos never cease to amaze me. I find myself Ooo-ing and Ahh-ing outloud, here, all alone, in front of my computer. Her blog causes me to appreciate the beauty of Maine all the more.

Today I was inspired to wander the woods behind our home, and I came upon what I THINK are Asiatic Lilies. (If not, and any of you know better, please set me straight!) I might be able to spot beauty, but I don't always know the correct name for it.

Either way, they are pretty...

Not only that, I have no idea how they got there. The area used to be covered with dead leaves and logs, and when we cleaned it all out, this is what popped up.

Who knew? :)

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Chris said...

being a 20 yr certified nuseryman and the president of Wiscasset Botanical, I would be embarassed not to know these are Platycodon or Balloon flower to you and me. not even close to Asiatic lilly. Sorry...teehee.yup i'm a plant snob.

Paulla said...

Thank you, Chris!

A friend told me they are Asiatics, but I looked it up on the internet, and I couldn't see the resemblance. Yet this friend usually knows her stuff. Ah, well.

Anyway, thanks for setting me straight. Next time I'll ask YOU to identify any flowers I'm unsure about. :)

ARTIST658 said...

I have these perennials growing in my garden - a larger clump every year! I thought they were called "canterbury bells" - but it seems Chris probably knows better than I the proper name!

Be sure to pinch off the flowers as they fade, and new ones will develop. Otherwise, the new buds just wither without blooming... enjoy!

Anonymous said...

campanula persicafolia, peachleafed bellflower

Anonymous said...

Sorry, should be persicifolia, also called peach-bells. They grow in the woods at Holbrook Island Sanctuary near an old cellar-hole.