01 July 2007

The Problem with Summer

I love summer in Maine. I love it more than I should, if that's possible. When we lived in southern California for four years, we had summer year-round, and I found that I am quite useless and unproductive in such climates. Actually, let me clarify. Our yard and garden always looked good in California, but the house was always a mess, the dishes piled up, the cooking was a joke, and my desk was perpetually disorganized.

The problem was, I spent all my time outside. I found excuses everywhere - the garden needed weeding, the car needed to be washed, and our children needed to be outside - supervised, of course. When we came back to the East Coast, I was a much more productive writer, housekeeper, and mom. On those grey days that are much more common than they are out west, I found time to clean the house, put things away, and of course, teach my kids.

But here we are and it's summer again. I don't know if it's because I'm getting older, because I miss the West Coast, because I possibly have Seasonal Affective Disorder (or would like to think so) or because this past winter was exceptionally grey, but I can't seem to get enough of being outside. I'm craving the sunshine and color of summer. I've got a better tan than I've had in years and my yard is shaping up quite nicely.

On the other hand, the house (especially the basement) is, well... I really don't want to talk about that. Besides, the sun just came up and I think I need to go out and water the tomato garden...

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webwitch said...

My hubby and I got through this winter pretty well, considering we came from 12 years of living in Phoenix to a mobile home in Maine in the woods. We got a nifty snow blower and shovels, and shopped for supplies and groceries around the storms so we wouldnt get stuck in the snow in our only car, a "sunny day" Chevrolet that is babied shamelessly!
Our neighbors seemed to think that everything we did was utterly hilarious, oftentimes just standing in their doorways literally staring out at us as we shoveled or swept or cleaned up after every storm.
Now it is summer, and though hubby and I dread the heat (that is why we left Phnx) we are really enjoying ourselves for the first time in over 12 years in 80 and 70 degree summer weather! This July 4th, the temperature in AZ where we lived is expected to be 117 degrees! No joke! We are so grateful for the temps here in Maine!

Paulla said...

Hi webwitch ~
Thanks for sharing! I remember when you moved here and I'm so glad you survived the winter. Thankfully it wasn't as bad, snow-wise, as past years (believe it or not) but we did have a lot of ice, didn't we? Yuck. I'd much rather have snow.

I spent some time in Yuma, AZ one summer and I remember one day in June it was 125 degrees. I thought I'd die. You're right ~ Maine summers are SO much better. I'm so glad you like it here!


webwitch said...

I was so happy to be moving out of Lucifer's Oven, oh, I mean Arizona, that I forgot about the humidity back here. (we are originally from NY) . Well, surprisingly, it hasnt really affected us. We were more spooked about the insects-in AZ there are scorpions and black widow spiders (yuck and really yuck!) but in Maine, we have a bunch more buggies! I have run across everything from these cool big beetles to weird almost clear spiders and flying buzzers of all kinds. It has been very interesting and very itchy, but we are never going back to AZ! Moving to Maine reinforced the fact that we are East Coasters and glad to be back!