31 July 2007

Sarah's Cafe in Wiscasset

Disclaimer: I rarely, if ever, do restaurant reviews, but this one is from the heart...

I've been a bit scarce lately, what with all the summer activities in Maine. It seems that during the school year, when life is on such a strict schedule and we are constantly coming and going, I long for the long, lazy days of summer.

But then, when summer arrives, it seems to take off at a rip roaring pace and it doesn't slow until, perhaps, the week before Labor Day.

Here we are on the brink of August and I feel like I'm just catching my breath. It's been fun, but as always, it's going by WAY too quickly.

But back to the title of this post...

Two weeks ago, my Mother-in-Law came for a visit from Rhode Island. I need her to come visit me more often, because as we drove lazily along Coastal Route One, we stopped at all the adorable little places that I usually pass in a hurry, promising myself that one day, I will stop. But I never do.

One of those places is Sarah's Cafe in the pretty little town of Wiscasset. I can't even count the times I've come across the Sheepscot River Bridge and seen the sunny decks, the wide picture windows, and the smiling customers, enjoying their fare. I even have several friends who have told me to go there, promising wonderful food... but Wiscasset is always on my way somewhere else, and I never remember Sarah's until I pass it by.

Thanks to my Mother-in-Law, I now understand all the hype about Sarah's.

It was a hot day and we sat inside; we nearly had the place to ourselves, as it was a weekday and well after lunchtime. We ordered Lobster Rolls, fulling expecting a nice heap of lobster meat on a soft hot dog roll - that's the way we love them. Yet, at Sarah's, the roll was a huge, homemade roll, fully twice the size of a regular roll. The filling was all lobster, and totally decadent. We oooed and aahed between bites, reveling in the taste.

But it doesn't end there. While we had no room left for dessert, when we spotted Coconut Cream Pie on the menu, we ordered it on a whim. I have to say that coconut cream pie IS my favorite kind of pie, but I have never had pie like I had that day. If the lobster roll won't take me back to Sarah's very soon, the coconut cream pie certainly will.

The next time you find yourself anywhere near Wiscasset, I urge you to stop in to Sarah's Cafe. It will be well worth the trip!

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Mary Diane said...

It sounds like a wonderful place.

JOHN said...

Just passed there the other day, now that I've read this I will be sure to stop there...LOL

Brian said...

I haven't been there in quite a while but hope to go again soon. They have/had a chocolate torte that was to die for! Absolutely delicious! The main menu is excellent too...but save room for dessert!!

Cindy said...

I'll keep that in mind for the next time I get to Maine!