29 August 2007

Paint Hell

Have you ever painted something only to find out that you chose the WRONG color? I don't mean choosing red over blue, or some such thing, but the WRONG shade.

As I mentioned earlier, I'm painting the inside of our house (while our son paints the outside). For weeks, I agonized over sample after sample of yellow paint for our kitchen. We're on a tight budget, so I opted for the cheapest form of Wal-Mart paint, even after a friend cautioned me against it. But it wasn't only the paint that didn't go on well (after three coats, it STILL looked splotchy) it was the lousy color. I was going for a creamy, buttery yellow, but instead I got a sort of dingy, yellowish light green. Not a bad color, I suppose, but DEFINITELY not the look I was going for. It clashed with everything. Ugh.

So off I went that night to buy MORE paint, BETTER paint, not to mention, a different shade of yellow. I spent the entire day yesterday re-painting around the kitchen cabinets, behind the refrigerator, etc. Today, I can't wait to put my kitchen back together!

But wow, the weather sure has been cooperative. I mean, in truth, I'd rather have been out in the sunshine, but as I was working, I enjoyed the summer breeze wafting in and out of the windows (taking the paint fumes out as it went!)

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