07 August 2007

A Ray of Hope Regarding Winter

Buy at Art.comYesterday was a chilly, rainy day here in Maine. We had scattered thunderstorms and showers that left puddles standing in the yard and on the roadways. Thankfully, my middle daughter and I had a rare day alone at home and we agreed that it was the perfect day to just hunker down and watch the weather from inside the house.

Also, noting that the mid-day outdoor temperature was well below 70 degrees fahrenheit, we agreed that it was the perfect day to do a little baking. We made a pot of chili for dinner and baked a batch of chocolate chip cookies from scratch (ok, it was the recipe on the back of the bag of chocolate chips, but in my book, that certainly counts!)

As the dreary day passed slowly and lazily, I was surprised to find myself enjoying it immensely. In fact, I even said outloud (before I could bite my tongue) that I thought I'd be ready and even excited about winter when it arrives. It was one of those, "Wait a minute, who said that?" moments. But there you go.

Maybe that's why we need the four seasons so much. We need the sunshine of summer so we can plant and vacation and enjoy being warm. We need the color and coolness of autumn so we can ease slowly into winter, do all the things we didn't finish over the summer, and marvel at the beauty of creation. We need the somewhat hibernatory feel of wintertime with its lack of color and cold so we can do indoor work, enjoy recreation in the snow, cozy up with our loved ones, and of course, to kill off the black flies and mosquitoes (ok, that doesn't really happen, but I can hope...). Lastly, we need spring for the color, the new life, and the promise of yet another warm summer.

Having lived in many areas of the country, I've found that Maine has just about the perfect four seasons. Each season is just long enough to prepare us for the next one; and by the time it arrives, we are ready.

Tomorrow, more rain is forecasted and I'm sure we'll do some more baking. It will be a bit of a fall preview.

But what the heck - I'm going to the beach again later this week. I mean, no need to rush things! :)

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Lee said...

Okay today I have rainy and cool weather I love to bake and like you don't usually touch the oven during July and August. Today may just be cool enough, to bake some nice loves of bread to go with dinner and of course the kids will want some cookies. We do need the 4 seasons and I do look forward to Fall, Just not the bus coming at 6:30 am to get the kids.

Cindy said...

Our "marker" for summer's almost over is Pike Fair, which ends today. I love the fair but I hate to see it start because it means that Labor Day is just a couple of weeks away and summer is just about gone. I noticed yesterday that the sky is changing from summer blue to fall blue and we have leaves turning here and there as well.