29 October 2007

New England Sports

Ok, I have to jump on the bandwagon and comment about the fact that our two awesome New England teams totally kicked butt yesterday. I'm not going to try to say something that hasn't already been said, because I've read it all and in truth, I'd probably accidentally just repeat someone else's words.

Buy at Art.comBut it WAS fun, wasn't it? I have always been a football fan, ever since my dad sat me down at age 10 to watch the Superbowl with him. And here's the big confession - my team has always been the Denver Broncos - still is. Since I've been in Maine and grown to love the Patriots over the years, my new motto is that I'm rooting for the Patriots, as long as they aren't playing Denver. :) Not that Denver's doing so well this year, but that's another story and I'm NOT a fair-weather fan. But back to the Patriots - is Tom Brady awesome, or what? Wow, they simply can't be beat. And I can not wait to see what they do to those arrogant Indianapolis Colts next week (yeah, I get way too emotional about football).

Buy at Art.comI also have to admit that never in my life did I sit through (read that: endure) a professional baseball game until the 2004 World Series when the Red Sox broke the curse. I mean, c'mon, EVERYBODY was watching and I couldn't be left out. The biggest surprise for me was that I LOVED it. I got very little sleep that week, but boy, did I have a new appreciation for the game of baseball. I felt somehow more American - more patriotic, you know?

As the years have passed, football is still my spectator sport of choice, but I do follow the Red Sox, even if I don't catch their games often. Yet, when the playoffs (is that what they're called in baseball?) rolled around and lo and behold, there were the Red Sox vying for the pennant once again... well, I got sucked in, to say the least.

What a ride they've had over the past couple of weeks. New England will be celebrating for quite some time; and now I look forward to finally getting some sleep once again. :)

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Huskerbabe said...

Well, I live with a Yankees fan and a Diamondbacks fan, and they were both so disappointed the Rockies lost so badly. I think they just wanted to extend the season. And they were doubly disappointed that it was so hard to get tickets.