30 October 2007

Perfect Fall Work Day

I still can't believe the mild fall weather for this time of the year in Maine. The night before last, we didn't have our first frost, but it was the first one that finally did in our garden and flowers. By yesterday afternoon, all the impatiens, tomato and pepper plants were droopy.

Today the temperature climbed into the 50s so we "made hay while the sun shines" and began the long process of raking the leaves out of our front lawn. With several giant oak trees in the yard, it is a never-ending job, but with the right music playing and a bright sun, it was just a good afternoon of exercise. Now we have a few huge piles that will be loaded into hubby's pick-up tomorrow and carted off to the local dump.

After that, we brought firewood into the house. We've been lighting fires in the woodstove for about a week now. With oil prices climbing again, I'm so thankful we were able to stock up on extra firewood this year. It always feels good to get the basement stocked with a load of wood for the next cold night.

Now ~ on to pumpkin carving for tomorrow night! :)

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Huskerbabe said...

The picture is beautiful Paulla! The fall colors are much prettier here this year, it must be the extra moisture we got. I'm enjoying it.
It's cooler but sunny. Yesterday it got up to 80!