27 November 2007

You Know You're in Maine IF...

It's scary how most of these are SO true!

You Know You're in Maine:

If you own more than four pair of gloves.

If every other vehicle is a 4X4.

If camping is allowed it's only in steel sided campers.

If, when the sun goes down, you start looking for your coat.

If in March your vehicle is 43% mud.

If you leave your keys in your car and the next morning your car is still there.

If you're on the shoulder of the highway with your hood up and somebody stops to help you.

If you can pay for six big macs with a personal check.

If drive by shootings only occur on the evening news.

If your central heating system is fueled by large logs.

If you see numerous chauffeur-driven dogs.

If you can see the stars at night.

If people drive 100 miles to shop in a real mall.

If a deer throws itself under your wheels.

If you got a set of new snow tires for Valentines day.

If more than 1/2 the meat in your freezer is moose.

If the term "chill factor" is part of your daily vocabulary.

If the bumper jack in your pickup will lift a house.

If you only paid $5 to cut down your own douglas fir christmas tree.

If you enjoy a hot chocolate more than you do a margarita.

If a girls basketball game fill's the school gym.

If you put the car heater on your list of best friends.

If you pawned a snow blower instead of a set of golf clubs.

If dressing up means wearing a tie with your flannel shirt.

If you think you're in a traffic jam when you're in the second car at the light.

If you don't use your blinker because everyone already knows where you're going.

If your long john's don't come off until mid-May.

Courtesy of Maine Jokes.

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25 November 2007

New Look

Ok, maybe it's because I'm sick, because of the change in seasons, or just because I have time on my hands today, waiting for the Patriots game to begin (in like, 3 hours).

Anyway, after more than a year with the old look, and after having repainted most of our house this year (inside AND out), I figured we needed some home improvement here on the Maine blog.

Let me know what you think ~ :)

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Blue Skies...

Buy at Art.comIt's funny how the color of the sky impacts my outlook in such a big way. I've been sick for 10 days now and the last few nights have been sleepless - literally. I'm realizing first hand why sleep-deprivation is used as a form of torture. Trust me, if I knew any government secrets, I'd tell them to any and everyone just for an HOUR of sleep. Even a half hour. Call me weak, but I've been coughing non-stop for four nights and I've not had more than 5 minutes of sleep in a row. I kid you not.

Today I went to the doctor for the SECOND time this weekend, and they gave me antibiotics (which they probably should have given me the first time). But as awful as I felt, the sun was shining and the sky was the most amazing color of blue. I felt better just seeing that. Really, I did. Forget the antibiotics, just give me a prescription for a late fall, blue-sky day in Maine, three times a day for 10 days. I truly think that would cure me.

After the doctor's appointment, I came home and fell asleep on the couch, only to wake up 5 minutes later, coughing. But hey, it WAS 5 minutes. That's something. :)

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22 November 2007

Happy Thanksgiving!

I hope everyone has a happy and blessed day. Although it is raining and dreary, and I'm suffering from the worst cold/sinus infection I've had in years, I have so much for which I am thankful.

I recently read about a test done where one group of people was urged to keep a gratitude journal for one month and another group kept a journal about their complaints and gripes. At the end of the month, those who had recorded what they were thankful for were much happier and content than the group which had focused on what they were unhappy about.

Food for thought...

Here's hoping that regardless of your situation in life, you will find something for which you can give thanks today.

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10 November 2007

It's Coming, People...

I don't care what kind of pretend warm autumn we've had.

THIS is coming...

And there's nothing we can do about it.


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09 November 2007

If you like animals...

Yesterday, my daughter and I spent well over an hour scrolling through these two sites, laughing until our sides hurt and tears ran down our faces.

Not only are the photos adorable, the commentary is absolutely hilarious!


But I warn you, you WILL laugh. :)

Oh, and yes, I can't seem to find time to clean our basement or blog regularly, but I do have time to sit in front of the computer and laugh hysterically as the time screams by...

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08 November 2007

Autumn Scenes in Maine

Ok, so I'm behind again. The truth is, I don't see being caught up until after Christmas. Still, even though most of these photos were taken a couple of weeks ago, they're too pretty not to share.

The little chickadee is one of many that live in our backyard, and the other trees are from around the area...

And then the leaves began to fall.

They fell and they fell and they fell.

We raked and we raked. We carted the leaves away to the dump. Then we had a rain/wind storm and more leaves fell. We raked again. The rains and winds keep coming and the leaves keep falling and we keep raking... and still there are leaves on the tree.

How is this possible?

Here is our reality photo that simply must come after the beauty of the fall leaves... my daughter in the back of the truck bound for the dump.

Yes, there's always a price to pay.

Oh yes, and our Halloween pumpkins. Yep, I'm behind...

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