08 November 2007

Autumn Scenes in Maine

Ok, so I'm behind again. The truth is, I don't see being caught up until after Christmas. Still, even though most of these photos were taken a couple of weeks ago, they're too pretty not to share.

The little chickadee is one of many that live in our backyard, and the other trees are from around the area...

And then the leaves began to fall.

They fell and they fell and they fell.

We raked and we raked. We carted the leaves away to the dump. Then we had a rain/wind storm and more leaves fell. We raked again. The rains and winds keep coming and the leaves keep falling and we keep raking... and still there are leaves on the tree.

How is this possible?

Here is our reality photo that simply must come after the beauty of the fall leaves... my daughter in the back of the truck bound for the dump.

Yes, there's always a price to pay.

Oh yes, and our Halloween pumpkins. Yep, I'm behind...

Copyright © 2007 - Paulla Estes

1 comment:

Bonita said...

Thanks for sharing. My husband and I get to Maine twice a year. We stay at Popham Beach. I am always counting the days until we are back. I thought you might enjoy a photo show of our latest trip-we were up in October. You are welcome to check out the other folders too...lots of Maine shots!

Hope you made out okay with the storm...weather up there is always unpredictable!

Thanks again, I enjoy checking in on your site.