17 December 2007

Digging - no, Chipping Out

The storm yesterday was quite enjoyable for us ~ we had nowhere to go, we just stayed in and watched the snow fall. Ahhh - a great day to address Christmas cards.

And then just as we were about to go to bed for the night, the rain started to fall. Eww - not a good sign.

We saw a few of our neighbors pulling out their snow blowers and starting early last night, but we figured we'd have all day Monday, so why mess up our totally lazy day?

Hmmm. Well, this morning we woke up to a sparkling wonderland, meaning, everything had a layer of ice. The trees were beautiful, the bushes amazing, but the snow - all the snow that we had to remove - was covered in a one-inch-thick layer of ice. Our snow blower is pretty good, but this pushed it beyond its limit.

The whole snow removal process of about a 50 ft. driveway took well over three hours. The 8 inches of snow wasn't problem, it was chipping away at the ice to GET to the snow.

I think I need to hire someone with a plow.

Supposedly more snow is coming this week. Snow is fine - but please, hold the ice!

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