14 December 2007

Snow and More Snow and More Snow and...

Two weeks ago I flew out to New Mexico for a mini-family reunion. When I left, the temperature was in the upper 40s and our back yard was still covered with leaves.

When I returned, four days later, there was a foot of snow on the ground with more still falling (remember that first storm on December 3?)

Since then, I've been trying to convince my brain that it actually IS December and that Christmas IS actually coming, regardless of the fact that I'm still in denial. I think the exceptionally warm (and wonderful) autumn totally threw me off.

Anyway, we got more snow on and off all this week. About four inches last night - enough to use the snowblower.

A huge nor'easter is forecasted for this Sunday, promising a foot or more of new snow.

Has anyone bothered to tell the sky that IT ISN'T EVEN WINTER YET?!

And P.S., I can't help it - I keep thinking about all those nasty leaves that are lying in our backyard UNDER all that snow.


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