30 January 2008

The Important Things?

Last night my husband asked me if I'd heard the results of the Florida primary.

I hadn't.

I told him I hadn't heard the news all day, or if I had, I didn't remember anything. It had been a busy, hard day and I'm pretty tired of hearing about politics - the little I do hear. He told me about it and I nodded, trying to suppress a yawn.

Then he asked me if I'd heard Tom Brady was back at practice on Monday.

Oh yeah - I actually HAD heard that.

At that point, I perked up and we had a quite a nice conversation. I guess I pay attention to the important things in the news. You know, the things that REALLY matter. :)

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22 January 2008

Tom Brady's Beautiful...

Well, he's a good lookin' guy, LOL. Watch and listen - you'll understand.

I love this!

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20 January 2008

21 - 12

Need I say more?

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Superbowl, here come the Patriots!

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14 January 2008

The January Thaw is Over

Ok, that headline is NOT original. I stole it from my TV. Yes, yesterday as I was watching the Dallas Cowboys get beat by the NY Giants, one of those flashing, warning tickers popped up at the bottom of the screen. I expected to see something about the impending snowstorm, and sure enough, the first words to roll across the screen were painfully and hilariously obvious:

"The January Thaw is Over."

Then it went on to talk about the storm. It cracked me up that it started that way and once again I shook my head and said, "Only in Maine..." :)

Of course, they were right. Here's photographic proof from our neck of the woods...

Our poor cat, longing for Springtime, and wishing he could get at some of those hearty snow-birds.

Keep warm, friends!

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12 January 2008

Portland Maine Video

I'm at a bit of a loss for words these days. Maybe it's the time of year? Or maybe I'm too busy watching the Patriot's game at this moment... :)

I found this video while surfing YouTube and I think it's quite lovely.

The summer scenes are expecially captivating, dontcha think?

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01 January 2008

Snow Tonight

I've lost count of the storms we've had so far this year. Those of you who've lived in Maine for a while know that this is a bit unusual for December - at least in recent years. For you newcomers, we hardly EVER get this much snow before the new year.

But of course, here we are in the new year, so I guess it's appropriate.

We decided to plow out tonight so that the dig tomorrow morning won't be as daunting. It's such a nice night, a balmy 30 degrees, we decided to take a little walk...

The front of our house as we walked down the driveway.

The WALL at the end of the driveway, part our doing, mostly the town snowplow's doing.

Self portraits taken while trying to keep the camera dry.

Skipping down the freshly plowed front walk.

Winter wonderland. Really.

Icicles... Time to rake the roof.


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Happy New Year!

Here's sending Best Wishes to all my friends in and out of Maine. Blessings to you all for a healthy, happy New Year...

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