14 January 2008

The January Thaw is Over

Ok, that headline is NOT original. I stole it from my TV. Yes, yesterday as I was watching the Dallas Cowboys get beat by the NY Giants, one of those flashing, warning tickers popped up at the bottom of the screen. I expected to see something about the impending snowstorm, and sure enough, the first words to roll across the screen were painfully and hilariously obvious:

"The January Thaw is Over."

Then it went on to talk about the storm. It cracked me up that it started that way and once again I shook my head and said, "Only in Maine..." :)

Of course, they were right. Here's photographic proof from our neck of the woods...

Our poor cat, longing for Springtime, and wishing he could get at some of those hearty snow-birds.

Keep warm, friends!

Copyright © 2008 - Paulla Estes


Cindy said...

Hi Paula! Long time,no see! Our thaw is over as well and we have three or four inches of snow on the ground again. At least the thaw got rid of most of the big banks and piles.

Pamela said...

Hey Paulla! We got a dusting of snow, too, last night. Now, normally, I would say how beautiful you photos are. Now, my poor Texas soul is starting to think "No! Not more!" and grimace at the sight of your white scenery. I'm with your cat, Paulla.