24 February 2008

The Dump - Revisited

Well, we made it to the dump yesterday. Ok, the reality is that I helped bag everything up and get it ready, and then my sweet husband made the trip without me. When he returned home, I was hoping for an interesting anecdote, or better yet, some interesting object that was left at the dump, but he came home empty-handed on both counts.

A few years ago, I wrote THIS POST about our town dump.

At the time, we were intrigued about the foosball table we’d found (and still have, I might add). Over the years, we’ve found many more treasures at the dump. After all, you know what they say about one man’s trash…

A couple of years ago, our son came home from the dump with a large TV that worked beautifully. After a few months, the sound started going in and out, so he returned it to the dump and came home with yet another, larger one. This one had no sound at all, but when we hooked it up to our old stereo speakers, it worked perfectly. Plus, we suddenly had built-in “surround sound.”

(Ok, my son and my husband say that this set-up does NOT qualify as surround sound, but what do I know? When I sit in our living room, I am surrounded by sound, so the name works for me.)

But back to the story. Last summer, my husband bought a 1995 pick-up truck from a friend. One of the knobs on the stereo was missing, and he kept meaning to get a new one, but just never got around to it. Then just a week ago, he found a whole stereo that was specifically made for the make, model and year of his particular truck. And yes, it was found at the dump.

I’ve also gotten a kick out of some of the things people have taken that we’ve left at the dump. A couple of times I’ve had to make two or three trips in one day, during fall leaf season or spring clean-up. Once we took a set of old, rusted and (I thought) disgusting lawn chairs and threw them into the metal bin. When we came back later with more things, the whole set was gone. Kudos to someone for making use of them.

So how about you? What have you left at the dump that might have ended up in the hands of some lucky owner? Or better yet, what have you brought home that went from being trash to treasure in only a moment’s time? I’d love to hear your story.

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jhansen1945@yahoo.com said...

Hi Paulla, I enjoy your blog, I am a Mainer too. I have a great dump story. My Dad rescued an old blanket chest, two drawers on the bottom and a lift up top, the bottom was on fire when he rescued it from the dump and he put out the fire and brought it home and cut off the two drawers on the bottom which left me with a beautiful blanket chest. It is about 20'x20"x42" wide, all single width hand hewn boards, a thing of beauty. The hinges are just metal pins. Where we are now, there is no dump picking, we just have a transfer station. I do use freecycle when I can.

Magnum-"DI" said...

LOL... Paulla, you and I have to talk.. your writings are so good.. and I so remember my Grandmother talking about picking stuff up at the dump, it makes me laugh inside so much! Wow. Such memories I had lost until I just read this blog post. She and my Aunt used to sell Antiques at the local Antique selling point (whatever the heck that was called) and I vividly remember as an adolescent totally bored at times while she did her bartering with.. you guessed it.. dump junk (I'd wager). This post is awesome, we need to get you published girl. If I were you, I'd put together a portfolio of some of this stuff and send it to Readers Digest. Talk to you soon! -Tom

Paulla said...

JHansen ~ that is a great story about the burning chest. I can't imagine bringing something home that had been on fire. Too funny!

And Tom, thanks for the kind words. Reader's Digest? I don't know - but thanks so much for the compliment! I love the story about your aunt. I totally know a guy here who does the same thing. Flea markets are HUGE here, as are thrift stores - and they have great stuff, LOL!

Maybe I need to get out to the big city more often, heh heh.

Larry said...

Hi, I'm enjoying your blog, and this post is great! My wife and her family are from New England (Boston then Maine) and we are hoping to move back there soon.