28 February 2008

Leaving Maine…

And then coming back again – of course.

In many ways, Maine is like its own little pristine island with very little crime, nice people, light traffic, clean air and water, beautiful scenery, etc. Don’t get me wrong, New Hampshire is lovely as well, but there’s something about actually crossing the Maine border, leaving, and then coming back again that makes me smile.

Yesterday, we drove to Boston for an appointment, and we experienced all there is about Boston that makes it, well, Boston. I love the city and its people, but let me just say one thing about them – when they get behind the wheel of a car, many of them cease to be nice people any longer. And I’m not one of those Maine drivers who goes 50 miles per hour on the interstate or can’t handle heavy traffic. I lived in Southern California and drove THOSE highways, for goodness sake. Still, the Boston drivers scare me.

I won’t go on about the traffic, or the noise, or the plethora of billboards along the roadways… I’ll just say that I LOVE driving back across the big bridge that brings us back into Maine. Back home. I LOVE the big blue sign that says “Welcome to Maine - The Way Life Should Be.”

I also love (weird as this was) that yesterday, when we came across the bridge, it was snowing in Maine. There was not a flake to be seen all the way up through Massachusetts and New Hampshire, but as soon as we came off the bridge, there they were; and it got worse as we went north. By the time we got home, it was nearly a whiteout.

And one last thought, quite unrelated to the rest. A little side-benefit of homeschooling is that I’ve had a big influence on the music my kids listen to. They’ve all gone their own way, as far as likes and dislikes, but believe me, as they grew, they listened to MY music.

Anyway, one of my daughters loves the rock and roll that I grew up with, so yesterday, she plugged her ipod into our car radio and all the way from Maine to Boston, and back again, we listened to Journey, Van Halen, Foreigner, and of course – Boston.

Now I can’t get “Rock and Roll Band” out of my head, but it’s not such a bad thing to be humming along to, don’t you think?

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Magnum-"DI" said...

Not to bring you down, but please remember Brad Delp in March. The 9th will mark the first anniversary of his death, which as most Boston fans know was by Carbon Monoxide poisoning; self inflicted. So sad. I plan on writing a blog entry for him and to recognize that day as the it approaches. I'll definately think about it over this weekend while cruising up the highway on the motorcycle. Saturday we're doing a ride. I'll crank up old Boston tunes and figure out the best tribute for a man who departed us way too soon.

By the way, Kudo's to your kid(s) for their choice of music. Mine are the same way; well, at least the boys are. The daughter listens to some pop but mostly Christian, which of course in itself ain't too bad. :)

Paulla said...

I do remember. So sad. Such an amazing voice.

My kids like Christian pop, too - and lots of other things. I'm glad they're versatile. I've even learned to appreciate rap. Never thought I'd say that. I even know the words to some of the songs.

Shh... don't tell anyone!