25 February 2008

More Unexpected Treasures

The dump was closed today, so no treasures from there, but along the same sentiment, I did find a couple of great deals.

First, let me back up and say that I love how Mainers are so frugal and industrious. With four such clearly-cut seasons which must be dealt with as they arrive (no putting things off), there is very little waste in Maine – as in time and resources.

Salvation Army stores, Good Will Industries stores, and various other thrift stores often dot the main streets of even the smallest towns. Plus, for nine months out of the year, there are usually enough garage sales around the area to keep us all busy – and to satisfy our frugality. And don't even get me started on flea markets and Big Al's.

Why buy brand new, expensive items when all these thrifty opportunities abound in Maine? And taken a step further, why buy at all when you can just rummage through the local dump?

Of course, it being February, I’m not aware of any garage sales going on now, and like I said, the dump was closed today. Instead, my stops were at a Salvation Army store and Big Lots. Ok, Big Lots doesn’t exactly qualify for the thrift store/dump/garage sale category, but most of you will agree, it’s not far off!

I’m redecorating on a shoestring budget and I found this framed painting at Big Lots and the chair at the Salvation Army store. Actually I got two identical chairs. The painting looked lame with clear, reflective glass in the frame, so I took that out and now it looks almost elegant. I mean, it truly would, if you didn’t know where I bought it, now wouldn’t it? The chair will ultimately be painted, but for now, it’s quite charming.

The chairs were less than $20 and the painting was $10. How’s that for Maine frugality?

On a completely unrelated note, but infinitely more newsworthy, it’s supposed to snow again tomorrow. Gee, there’s a surprise.

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