27 February 2008

Snow Blower is Under the Weather

No pun intended.

Well, maybe a little.

Our snow blower finally went kaput today.

Actually, I’m not sure if it’s kaput. We need to have it looked at by someone who actually knows a thing or two about snow blowers.

All I know is, my hubby was out of the area, and I had to plow the driveway this morning before driving to Boston for an appointment that couldn’t be missed. I made one side-walk sized path down the middle of the driveway, and a couple of sweeps through the chunky ice-wall at the end of the driveway (left by our beloved town snowplow) and then the darned snow blower quit working.

One of our daughters helped me shovel out enough of the ice wall to get our car through. Thankfully, the 6 inches we got on the rest of the driveway were pretty much flattened by the rain, and the car went right through that part without a problem.

From afar, my darling hubby phoned and made arrangements for someone to come plow the remainder of the driveway while I was gone. Yep – he’s a keeper. My hubby – not the plow guy… well, then again, I DID tell my husband on the phone that I wished the plow guy could come live with us. But only if he brought his plow.

So this evening when I got home, the driveway had been cleared, but of course there's now a fresh coating of snow from whatever is falling out of the sky tonight.

I’m not going to think about it.

Nor will I think about the cold temperatures that are forecasted for tomorrow through the weekend. Single digits? Don’t they know our firewood situation?

On a different note, I noticed today that I’d written a reminder on my calendar for this Saturday. It's a reminder to buy (and plant) tomato seeds, so we can start our little seedlings for the summer tomato harvest. We plan to do this every year, but it’s hard to get jazzed about gardening when the garden is covered with 3+ feet of snow. In reality, we often don’t get around to planting the seeds until late April. Maybe this year we’ll actually do it on time.

But probably not.

Copyright © 2008 - Paulla Estes


Magnum-"DI" said...

Ha, I get it, under the weather! Nice! Anyway, got your message, Paulla.. and about secretly missing frigid winters? If you think that, then there is more than just a snow removal tool in need of repair.. LOL! No, you folks have the fortitude for that stuff, not we Floridians. If I'm a Wuss then so be it! :)

Anonymous said...

Hi Paulla,

I am writing to you after having just stumbled upon My Corner of Maine. Seeing as you frequently write about life in Maine (or at least started your blog with the intention), I thought you might be interested to know that Portland is one of 3 finalists to be selected as America’s Twin City to Bushmills, an Irish town that is the home of Bushmills Irish Whiskey, which is celebrating the anniversary of its original license to distill.

Boston is one of three finalist cities, along with Boston; MA and Louisville; KY. Now it’s up to the people to decide. Here’s a few more details:

The finalist cities were selected based on an application outlining why they embody the four quintessential values of Bushmills—pride of place, hospitality, craftsmanship, humor and wit. People of legal purchase age across the U.S. can vote online at Bushmills400years.com until March 17, 2008. The winning city receives a $40,000 grant--$20,000 for the preservation/advancement of local culture and $20,000 for local responsible drinking programs-- while each voter is eligible for an expenses-paid trip for two to Ireland.

If you’d be willing to share this with your readers, I have an assets page housing a promotional video clip and various images, which you are free to use on your blog. If you're interested I'd love to hear back from you! Do it for Portland!

Eric Hansen, M80