28 February 2008

You may notice ~

I changed the name of this blog.

Three years ago when I started it, I called it "The Way Life Should Be," because it was just going to be about the state of Maine... and we all know that Maine IS the way life should be.

Yet, this blog has become more about just MY life in Maine, and I am not under any illusions that MY life is the way life should be. At all.

Thus the name change. Nothing else is different - same URL, and all that.


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Larry said...

I found your blog a few weeks back, and I'm enjoying your posts. My wife and I are planning to move back there to be near family. I've spent my whole life in central CA, so the "rumors" of your harsh winters intrigue me!


Paulla said...

Hi Larry,

Don't let the rumors scare you. I was once in a snowstorm at Big Bear Lake that rivaled anything I've seen here in Maine. You get used to dealing with it and it doesn't last long. The peaceful and quiet lifestyle make it well worth it.

Though I must confess, several of us are caught "California Dreamin" this time of the year! :)

Have a good day.

Anonymous said...


I found your blog several weeks ago while researching Maine. My husband has an opportunity to accept a position near Portland, and we're seriously considering it. We'd have some family somewhat nearby. We're in Columbus, Ohio--all is good here (great jobs, nice neighborhood, two healthy girls, family in-state), but we're intrigued by Maine's quieter lifestle and outdoor pursuits.
Anyway, I've enjoyed the blog (especially loved the photos of your daughter with your cat). Keep up the good work!

Paulla said...

Hi Jenny,

I have a friend who lives in the Columbus area and I think that the Maine winters wouldn't be a huge change for you. Maybe a bit colder and more snow, but that only makes it prettier. :)

The lifestyle is definitely quieter and slower paced - though I've found that it's what you make it. Even living in a small town, what with technology being what it is, life can be just as hectic and demanding. Still, the traffic is less, the crime is less, and there are simply fewer people. I guess that makes all the difference. And the people are so nice!

Let me know what your family decides. Good luck!