21 March 2008

At Home in L.L. Bean

I mentioned that my dad is here visiting this week from sunny San Diego. Everywhere we go, people keep asking him what he is doing here at this time of the year. He loves to tell them that he came here because he prefers our weather. It always generates a laugh.

Yeah, he’s such a kidder.

Yesterday I took him to L.L. Bean to buy some boots. The boots he wanted were out of stock, but we found lots of great candy, scented pillows, pancake mix, and maple syrup made in Vermont. We also found a plethora of light weight, short-sleeved spring clothing that looks like it was made for people living in Florida. I actually looked at this same clothing while watching the snow fall outside the store window. Such irony.

Seriously, I love L.L. Bean and it is not alone in this phenomenon. All the stores in Maine are now carrying spring and summer clothing. We can’t find appropriate sweaters and thermal under-things to wear with our Easter outfits.

Ok, the truth is, we aren’t even doing Easter outfits. That pretty much ended years ago – not the Easter celebrations, just the ridiculous springtime clothing people try to wear here in Maine while it’s still snowing outside. Nearly as ridiculous as dressing like a genie for Halloween and then having to wear a heavy coat over the costume.

But I digress. Back to L.L. Bean.

One time my husband and I figured out that if we could get away with it, we could actually live in L.L. Bean and never have to leave.

Here’s how:

1. They have beds (with wonderfully fluffy down comforters).

2. They have sleeping bags and tents (to hide in, in case they catch us sleeping on their beds).

3. They have luxuriously soft leather sofas on which to curl up and read some of their many books on Maine.

4. They have all the clothing we could ever want (for each and every season!)

5. They have bathrooms. No showers that I know of, but there is that fish pond…

6. They have food: a coffee cart, lots of packaged food, and of course, all those fish we took out of the pond so that we could bathe… (did someone say “fish fry?”)

7. They conveniently have bicycles, kayaks, skis, and camouflage gear for when we get caught and have to make a quick getaway. So thoughtful of them.

Of course now our secret is out and we could never get away with it.

Copyright © 2008 - Paulla Estes

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Larry said...

Same here, summer clothes in winter - winter clothes in summer. I just do not understand why stores do that.