20 March 2008

First Day of Spring in Maine

Things to do to celebrate the first day of Spring in Maine...

1. Chip ice off your driveway and/or front walk.

2. Marvel that the local ice cream stand has opened once again, but is covered with snow and has no customers. Still too cold.

3. Go to the local florist or supermarket to look at daffodils and tulips that won't be seen popping up out of the ground in Maine until May.

4. Think about cleaning out your garage, but then realize that you might as well wait until after mud season is over - say, in June.

5. Plant garden seeds that you vowed you'd plant earlier this month.

6. Ditch any silly, warm-weather notions and just go skiing. Or curl up by the fire and wonder why the first day of spring arrives so early each year.

Copyright © 2008 - Paulla Estes

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