16 March 2008

Happy St. Patrick's Day

What are you doing to celebrate this day?

Picking shamrocks? (Not if you live in Maine)

Chasing rainbows? (I doubt it, if you live in Maine)

Looking for a pot of gold? (Aren't we all?)

Drinking green beer? (If so, drink responsibly)

I'll be making Irish Soda Bread - it's so easy and SO good.

And we'll all be wearing green, of course.

On a different note, here's what we did this weekend – in list form, dontcha know.

1.) I put on my-my-my-my-my dancin’ shoes and my hubby and I disco danced at a Motor Booty Affair performance. (Check out their site – you have to see it to believe it). A total blast from the past.

2.) We spent most of our daylight hours at a basketball tournament.

3.) We put the new belt (that finally arrived) on our snow blower – hurray! (Actually, my hubby did most of the work, but I held the machine still while he aligned and torqued everything into place). Either way, we’re ready for more snow.

4.) Ready for more snow - did I just say that?

5.) We went to The Maine Mall on Sunday (between tournament games) while it was snowing outside. The entire population of Maine was there with us, other than the few of you who are reading this and claim not to have been there. Though I might not believe you, because I think I saw you there.

6.) That’s pretty much it.

Have a Happy St. Patrick's Day. May the Luck o'the Irish by with you, and God bless.

Copyright © 2008 - Paulla Estes


Tom said...

Winghouse. Went there at lunchtime with guys from my Fire Dept. shift. Ate too much. But, weather was great! A little breezy, but warm enough to ride the motorcycle without a jacket and in short sleeves. Motor Boogie looks interesting. Get all that snow melted. Have a good week!

Paulla said...

The snow just happens to be receding a bit... but tomorrow more snow is coming. I mean, it will be WEDNESDAY, after all.

I've heard good things about winghouse. I don't think we have them up here.