08 March 2008

I Miss Football Season

Buy at Art.comNow that some time has passed and the grieving period is nearly over, I think we can talk about the Patriots without shedding too many tears.

Not that I have anything profound to say about the Patriots, specifically; I just want to say that I miss football season. That’s one thing I didn’t put on my list of things I love about winter in Maine – maybe because football season is over all too quickly, with so much of winter still left to go.

To me, a wintry Sunday afternoon is not complete without lying on the sofa for hours on end, watching football. It is the epitome of relaxation for me (short of going to my mother-in-law’s amazing house in Rhode Island for a long weekend – but that’s another story). Although I don't get to indulge in this activity every Sunday, when I do, it's like a mini-vacation.

True confessions here: as much as I adore the Patriots, I am true to my first love, the Denver Broncos. My motto here in Maine is that I’ll root for the Patriots as long as they aren’t playing the Broncos, which rarely happens anyway. And yes, I know the Broncos haven’t had the best of luck since they lost Elway, but I’m not a fair-weather fan. Besides, you can all sleep at night knowing that the Patriots usually beat the Broncos, so one small Bronco fan in Maine won’t hurt anyone.

In this same vein, I also have to say that never in my life did I watch a professional baseball game (or a non-professional game for that matter) until the Red Sox went to the World Series the year they broke the curse. Yep – that was my initiation into Major League Baseball. Not a bad way to start, if you ask me.

In fact, now that I think about it, the Red Sox were stuck in that curse until WE moved to Maine. Not only that, I remember the Patriots being only a mediocre team before we settled here, as well.

You know what that means. These two fabulous New England teams have been doing so well because of me and my little family. Pretty amazing, aren’t we? ;)

Now, if I could just convince my husband that the Broncos don’t lose because the game wasn't televised in Maine that day, or because he wasn’t wearing his lucky hat, or because I wasn’t wearing my lucky sweatshirt. The reality is that the Broncos won’t be superstars again unless we move to Denver… and I don’t really see that happening anytime soon.

So the Patriots and the Red Sox are safe for now.

I can sense your relief in this matter.

For your enjoyment and for my need to keep up with my March lists, here are some links to a few of the sports teams we hold near and dear here in Maine. Enjoy!

1. The New England Patriots

2. The Boston Red Sox

3. The Boston Celtics

4. The Boston Bruins

5. The Portland Sea Dogs

6. The Portland Pirates

Stay dry today, friends, it's storming again (big shocker there, right?!)

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Sarah, Goon Squad Sarah said...

I miss football season too.

The only time I get really homesick for Florida is when I am watching a Bucs homegame on tv.

Paulla said...

You know, this wasn't your point, but I'm glad to hear that's the only time you get homesick. Many folks here in Maine talk of nothing BUT Florida. All the time. It makes me think only of heat, humidity and large bugs. Oh, and alligators. Yeah. Snakes, too. LOL.